Electronic Press Kit (EPK)


Started in 2011 as a ragtag group of rock-loving musicians looking for a creative outlet, Uprise has changed lineups a few times, ultimately morphing into an unstoppable juggernaut of high-powered, high-energy, hard-rocking fun.

Uprise is known for playing an eclectic mix: straightforward rockers, amped-up versions of pop classics, and relatable takes on mainstream metal and punk hits.

Once the current lineup was cemented in 2017, the natural chemistry inside of the group began to drive the band’s direction: a tight sound, crazy onstage energy, and a new direction: producing original music.

Their current lineup is:

  • Mike Vitone–longtime Uprise crooner, known for his silky voice and gorgeous hair
  • Joe Conway–original Uprise member, Joe beats the drums like they didn’t pay up…fugettaboutit
  • Steve Hatfield–veteran axeman from the Colorado rock scene, Steve knows every sweet spot on every guitar in his arsenal–and that’s a lot of guitars
  • Forrest Howard–the young gun in the band, Forrest shreds notes like a cheese grater welded to a drill
  • Jeremy Brooks–Jeremy sheds a tear of joy when his bass thunder makes the screws on the stage loosen


Space Lord (Monster Magnet)
Four Kicks (Kings of Leon)




  • The band can operate fully self-contained if needed: PA, speakers, monitors/in-ears, visuals, and lights can be supplied by the band. Otherwise, they are happy to use the house system.
  • Available for corporate and private functions as well as bar/club/casino shows.
  • Las Vegas is their headquarters, but they are happy to discuss out-of-town shows as well.


Email: booking@uprisebandlv.com

Facebook: facebook.com/uprise.band

Instagram: instagram.com/uprisebandlv/